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Your local wiki for information on the fantasy fox book series by Inbali Iserles. If you haven't read it, you should! It's awesome!


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What is Foxcraft?Edit

Isla’s happy life with her fox family in a patch of urban greenery is destroyed when her den is attacked by strange, savage foxes and she is left all alone. But, she doesn’t give up hope that her brother is still alive. She sets out to find him, though she is still too young to understand and barely knows how to hunt. An older fox finds her, and begins to teach her the magic of foxcraft. These skills will prove essential; the foxes who attacked her family are part of something much larger and much darker than she could have imagined. They are part of an evil that threatens all of fox kind, and that is now hunting specifically for her! Isla is a heroine to cheer for, as she bravely continues along her difficult path, not sure who is to trust but never giving up hope, and her growing mastery of foxcraft is enthralling.



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